7 ways our restaurant POS can help you succeed

Lightspeed Restaurant receipt graphic

1. Easily take and send orders

Take orders quickly and instantly send them to the kitchen, bar, or anywhere else, ensuring orders are completed quickly and accurately.

Lightspeed Restaurant taking payment

2. Take payments anywhere

With integrated credit card payments, you can print receipts and finalize bills from your iOS device anywhere in the restaurant.

iPad with food image

3. Customizable layout

Lightspeed Restaurant’s intuitive interface is customizable. Set your language preferences and button layouts as you find most convenient.

shield graphic

4. Customizable security settings

Customizable security settings allow you to control what your staff has access to. You decide who can issue discounts, access the till, see financial statements and modify prices.

Lightspeed Restaurant graphic

5. On demand reports

Adapt your menu and marketing strategy with insights from Lightspeed’s built-in reporting, presented in a dashboard with real-time data.

24h in cloud graphic

6. Access from anywhere

Lightspeed Restaurant is cloud-based, so it works anywhere with an internet connection. Access reports, track sales, even customize your menu — wherever you are.

Lightspeed Restaurant floor plan setup

7. Customizable floor plans

In a busy restaurant, nothing stays the same for long. Need to move some tables around? Need custom floor plans? It’s as easy as tap and slide.

“Lightspeed Restaurant POS is like having an extra person on the dining room floor. ”

Antonella Cachia, Owner
La Mere Restaurant, Valetta, Malta
Lightspeed Restaurant Customer

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